Pharmacovigilance and Real-World Services for Veterinary Companies


Pharmacovigilance and Real-World Services for Veterinary Companies

Ensuring Animal Health and Safety through Comprehensive Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance is just as vital in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry as it is in human medicine. Ensuring the safety and effectiveness of veterinary products is paramount for animal health and welfare.

At Pro Pharma Research Organization, we offer a comprehensive suite of Pharmacovigilance and Real-World Services tailored to the unique needs of veterinary companies, helping them monitor, assess, and improve the safety and efficacy of their products. We work with all the veterinary subspecies like Avine, Canine, Feline, Aquatic, Farm, Wild, Reptiles, Exoctic etc.


Service overview

Adverse Event Reporting and Management

We establish a system for the collection, evaluation, and reporting of adverse events associated with veterinary products, ensuring compliance with regulatory and your company product quality requirements.

Signal Detection and Analysis

We employ data analytics and signal detection methods to identify potential safety signals and trends related to veterinary products.

Post-Market Surveillance and Monitoring

We continuously monitor the post-market performance of veterinary products to detect safety concerns and make necessary adjustments.

Pharmacovigilance Training

We offer training programs for veterinary professionals on the principles of pharmacovigilance, ensuring they are well-equipped to identify and report adverse events.

Real-World Data Collection

We gather real-world data from veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, and other sources to assess the safety and efficacy of veterinary products in actual clinical practice.

Epidemiological Studies

We design and conduct epidemiological studies to understand the prevalence of diseases and the effectiveness of treatments in veterinary populations.

Veterinary Drug Monitoring Programs

We establish drug monitoring programs to track the usage and outcomes of veterinary medications, contributing to informed decision-making.

Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Studies

We conduct studies to assess the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of veterinary drugs, ensuring appropriate dosing and efficacy.

Safety Profile Assessment

We evaluate the safety profiles of veterinary products, including assessments of toxicity, adverse effects, and potential interactions.

Regulatory Reporting and Compliance

We ensure that all adverse event reports and safety data are submitted to regulatory authorities in compliance with veterinary pharmaceutical regulations.

Quality Assurance and Audits

We perform quality assurance checks and audits to ensure the accuracy and reliability of safety data collection and reporting.

Crisis Management and Response

We provide guidance and support in crisis management situations, such as product recalls or safety concerns.

Market Access and Regulatory Support

We assist in regulatory submissions and market access strategies, ensuring that veterinary products meet safety and efficacy requirements.

Pharmacovigilance and real-world services are essential for veterinary companies to ensure the safety and efficacy of their products and maintain the well-being of animals. By partnering with Pro Pharma Research Organization, veterinary companies can access comprehensive services that help them monitor, assess, and improve the safety and performance of their veterinary products. Our commitment to regulatory compliance, data accuracy, and animal health ensures that veterinary companies can confidently provide safe and effective treatments for animals in need.

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