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    We are specialists in the domains of  safety & efficacy of medical products, Medical education and patient support programs.

    With our proprietary technological platforms, validated questionnaires and comprehensive frameworks for Real world evidence, we support bio-pharmaceutical companies through out the life cycle of the medical products.

    Discover how we can contribute to the success and safety of your medical products.

About us

Pro Pharma Research Organization is a CRO serving the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

We analyze the life cycle of health supplies, in order to know their use in real life and demonstrate their safety and efficiency in the Mexican and LATAM Market.

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Medicines / Vaccines
Medical devices
Nutrition & supplements


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Clinical trial monitoring and management


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Our services

PPRO offers integrated support and advisory services of excellence in medical affairs, marketing and human resources. Experience the efficiency of our comprehensive support and guidance for a comprehensive and successful organizational operation.

Our Clients

With more than 20 years of experience, we are pioneers in Pharmacovigilance studies at the national level, offering specialized services for safety analysis and risk measurement of medicines, vaccines and medical devices.

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