Doctors Galaxy

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Doctors Galaxy

is a connected learning and real world data platform available globally for all the healthcare professionals and Bio-Pharma companies.

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Doctors Galaxy allows you to have access to relevant information in the health field, as well as digital positioning tools to obtain more business opportunities.


Educación médica
Medical education
Educación al paciente
Education fior patients
Estudios observacionales
Observational studies
Datos del mundo real
Real World data
Datos de acceso de mercado
Market Access data
Reconocimiento de marca
Brand recognition

Service integration

The connected learning model brings together all branches of health so you and your colleagues, patients, companies and institutions, interact and generate information with real world data (Real World Data / evidence) based on scientific evidence.

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A space for the Exchange of Health Information in Mexico and Latin America, designed for all stakeholders in the health ecosystem.

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Consult news, articles and posts through images, videos, presentations and links, which will allow you to keep updated of different advances in the health field.

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Doctors Galaxy wants users to share information, gain online reputation/recognition and secure economic opportunities.

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Offer your services to the general public and provide video call consultations to your patients, in addition to giving second opinions, regarding the information provided by your colleagues.

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Manage groups, streams, as well as surveys and Q&A, which can be public or private, free or paid, to be in contact with specialists and audiences of your choice.

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