PPROVigi® Web allows easy and efficient capture, review, verification, management, analysis and reporting of adverse events and adverse reactions from drugs, vaccines and medical devices to COFEPRIS (Mexico) and other regulatory authorities online.

Features of PPROVigi®:

  • Information Security and Privacy.
  • Multi level access controls.
  • Automatic generation of designated regulatory forms for reporting to the respective regulatory authorities.
  • Automatic classifications of severity, causality etc as per the respective legislations in force in Mexico and other LATAM countries.
  • Available in 3 languages.
  • Management of users, projects and delegated functions, etc.
  • Integrated case management notification from PPROVigi WEB and mobile PPROVigi ( iOS & Android).

Advanced features:

  • Administration of users of PPROVigi® Web: User management, access controls, allocation of users to specific projects, etc.
  • Managing mobile users.
  • Detection of suspected duplicity.
  • Generation of tracking tables.
  • Statistics of cases & graphical presentation.
  • Signal detection.
  • Options to choose from different modalities such as spontaneous reports, stimulated notifications, clinical studies, Pharmacovigilance, vaccines and medical devices, etc.
  • Customizing Phase IV study questionnaires.
  • Notification updates for the users.
PPROVigi® is an outcome of relentless and combined experience of clinical research, Pharmacovigilance, Technovigilance and information technology experts to provide a flexible multiplatform tool to report and monitor adverse reactions.
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